Cerrajeros Barcelona EAC
Cerrajeros Barcelona EAC

Do you need a locksmith that speaks English in Barcelona?


Here you have it, a locksmith in Barcelona, ready to help you and solve your problem!

We open your door and change your lock 7 days a week, and 24 hours a day, visit us! or call us


670 774 733

Locksmiths Barcelona

Locksmith Barcelona Locksmith Barcelona

We make Services of Locksmith in all the districts of Barcelona


Workers who speak English

Call US 670 774 733 phone available 24 hours. 


Locksmith Barcelona City

Locksmiths Barcelona delivers service in every quarter of the city, it is not important where from I called us we are distributed by the whole city of Barcelona.


Since you request the service up to the arrival of the locksmith Barcelona to its domicile 15-20 minutes will happen, we are rapid in the delivery since we understand the need of our client.


We make Services of Locksmith in all the districts of barcelona. Workers who speak English.


Also we deliver the same service and equally of rapid in the Localities of Barcelona. We have more teams of locksmiths in every Locality, so that you do not have to wait at the time of opening its lock. Also we specialize in services of arrangement and laying of domestic and commercial blinds, motorization of the same ones and its laying of safety closings.


Locksmiths Barcelona EAC is prepared to make any work of locksmith in Barcelona and their localities. To be very diverse and multiple services of the locksmith we show them the services more common (above this text can you see the link), but remember that our team of Locksmiths is an expert in any of the wide range of locks, whether bowler or blinds, engines or hydraulic Springs, levers and knobs, closing electric or overhead doors, trainings and mailboxes , etc, we do it all in locksmith.


Cerrajeros Barcelona and Locksmith in Barcelona, Locksmith near Barcelona City. Our Locksmith is a profesional, call now we ahve 24 Horas phone 0034 670 774 733. 



Our services LOCKSMITH in Barcelona:

  • Open Doors
  • Change Locks
  • Fix Locks
  • Open Locks
  • Service 24 hours, including holidays


With Locksmiths Barcelona you can open and change your door quickly and at the best prices, we cover all Barcelona and all of their locations. We are 24 hour locksmiths, we emergency services and without urgency, our team of locksmiths in Barcelona will arrive to your home or local in 15 or 20 minutes, we commit ourselves to give better locksmith service in Barcelona. We opened and we change your lock or bulb at the moment, with a great range of brands of locks and inserts, we work with TESA, MOTTURA, MUL-T-LOCK, EZCURRA, STS, FICHET, TOVER, AZBE,


Call US 670 774 733 phone available 24 hours. 

Locksmith Barcelona EAC

Locksmith Barcelona
Carrer de las Navas de Tolosa, 270 08027 Barcelona, (Barcelona)- España
Teléfono: 930 118 201
Móvil: 670 774 733
Email: servicio@cerrajeroenbarcelona.es